Tim Rhode - Founder

Tim Rhode


The visionary and driving force behind the scenes is Tim Rhode Tim comes from a very humble background, growing up in a blue collar family in a blue collar town.  His family’s tight financial situation left an indelible mark on Tim, and although he barely graduated high school and never attended college, Tim went on to dream, plan, and create his own “magnificent life.” Having gotten off to a very slow start in life inspired Tim to help others find their own paths. He is totally committed to helping people of all ages plan their best future, as well as helping transform the “life education” of young people. Tim’s passions include his family, fitness, skiing, hiking, and mountain biking.  

“All my life I have planned and worked hard, and have been very blessed and now I really just want to give back and help others learn to do the same.”  

Brian Rocha

Executive Director

Brian Rocha loves life. Brian’s passion in business,  family and personal growth is unparalleled while juggling his active lifestyle. Having always lived a fast-paced life since a very young age, Brian quickly gained many of the life skills needed to help guide him in eventually supporting himself through college.  Brian attended the University of California, Santa Barbara while becoming partners in a restaurant and led the expansion efforts of opening their second restaurant location in downtown Santa Barbara.  Since leaving the restaurant operations in 2010, Brian has spent the majority of the last decade traveling around the world while working remotely. From living in Portugal, to living in Rio de Janeiro, to traveling east around the world on a humanitarian trip supporting Rotary International, Brian has learned to leverage his passion for travel in doing good around the world. Brian is excited to currently be working on a c-store development project in Los Banos, California while also serving as a member of the Los Banos Rotary Club.

“Life is what you make it, and you only live this life once, so make the best of it!”

Brian Rocha
Rick Graves - Board Member



Rick Graves

Board Member

Rick Graves has a passion for life and growth. His goal is to inspire people to bust through their created boundaries within themselves to be realized and become their best and true self. Over the years he has impacted thousands of people in business and his personal life. Rick biggest passion is his family. Living and growing in Marin, they all enjoy the beauty and experiences at their doorstep. While pursuing these endeavors his focus was to be the very. He approached business in much the same fashion rising quickly up through the ranks to many different management and corporate officer positions in the restaurant industry. During his time in these various positions he found that one of his great joys in life was training. He asked people to assume the very best attitude and positive outlook possible. Each was motivated to focus on the positive and be aware of the inner beliefs, so they could consider solutions to improve all aspects of their lives.

Currently he is involved in many new opportunities all of which involve helping others to succeed both in business and personally to their very highest level.

Brandy Salazar 

Board Member

Surviving on her own since she was a teenager, Brandy’s spirit of perseverance has allowed her to break through life barriers and thrive. Despite not having a high school diploma, Brandy was managing a multi-million dollar commercial real estate portfolio by the age of 23.

With over 15 years’ experience in the real estate and development industries, she has served as the Director of Development for O’Connell Commercial LLC, and later as the Vice President of Folsom Asset Management Inc. which she established as a leading name in the local residential “flipping” market. Recently she co-founded FAM Real Estate, a boutique agency that focuses on restoring value to communities through property renovation.

Brandy is passionate about leadership, charity, purpose, and meaningful relationships. She attributes success not just to her personal and professional accolades, but also to her family. As a mother of two young and very strong-willed daughters, Brandy is reminded daily that strength and vulnerability are two sides of the same coin and the secret to finding her flow lies in the balance between the two.

Brandy Salazar - Board Member
Patrick Cullinane - Board Member



Patrick Cullinane

Board Member

Patrick Cullinane is a lifelong Entrepreneur. He has established and sold several successful companies over the last 30 years. For the last 12 years he has been living in Utah and running his company Agile Supply Chain Strategies. Agile specializes in logistics and supply chain consulting, brokering and ecommerce fulfillment. They have over 60k sq feet of warehouse and are also the developers of proprietary software called Fr8Logic. In 2015 Fr8logic split form Agile and became its own entity. Patrick is still very actively involved in both companies.

Patrick is a huge believer in entrepreneurship. He dropped out of college to start his first business and never looked back. Patrick is passionate about 1Life Fully Lived and its core purpose of giving back what he has learned. He believes the collective knowledge one can gather at 1life is what creates the opportunity for people young and old to fast track their lives on the path to success and balance. Patrick believes the most fulfilling part of being on this board and with 1life is the incredible people he gets to meet and collaborate with, to help put together a life changing experience for everyone.


Jenna Bayne

Content Creator and Roadmap Instructor

Jenna is the size of a mouse but has the heart of a lion. Her mission is to become the next Dr. Seuss by combining an educational component of personal growth and development with the entertaining component of poetry in a complete children’s book series. She began as an elementary school teacher in Ontario, Canada combining both her passions for teaching and curriculum development along with her love of children. She then transitioned and refined her expertise to become a Functional Nutritional Coach where she developed an extensive knowledge of mind-body nutrition with a specialization in the psychology of eating. She is an entrepreneur at heart creating a successful practice working one on one with phone clients busting through self-limiting beliefs and stimulating mental strength and sustaining habit change. Jenna is passionate about supporting our youth and being part of such a noble movement here at 1Life. 


Jenna Bayne - Program Assistant
Shay Wheat - Event Producer


CJ Skog

1Life Ninja

CJ grew up in a modest household, but with enormous dreams to be successful. At the age of 20, his largest and most tangible dream of playing major league baseball was no longer a reality due to a near death experience in a terrible car accident. With that dream no longer possible, he did the next best thing – became a high school baseball coach. This is when he realized the act sharing the knowledge he had with many kids each year, and watching them get better, actually felt better than playing the game himself. This is also around the same time CJ got his degree in Information Technology: Networking and Security. After a couple jobs in the tech industry (Intuit & 8x8), he got an opportunity that would match his passion of giving back, with his skill set, Information Technology. His passion for helping others and for filling any role 1Life needs are a couple of reasons why he’s such a valuable asset to the team. He now lives in Reno with his energetic puppy and his beautiful wife, Sarah. They enjoy being adventurous and participating activities such as hiking, biking, and finding different ways to exercise while having fun.




Laurie Wann

Program Director

Laurie is an entrepreneur, educator, and facilitator who specializes in online program development and loves the power of technology and the internet to change lives around the world.

While on vacation in a small mountain town in California 25 years ago, she met the man of her dreams, and moved there and married within a year.

While raising two boys, Laurie had several rewarding careers in business, marketing and education before launching her own company in 2014.

Family, faith, and freedom are her touchstones, and Laurie feels life gets better all the time!

She believes that success comes from taking imperfect action, daily.  You can’t correct your course if you are standing still.  And you don’t have to have everything figured out – you are exactly where you are meant to be, right now!

Always on a quest for challenging and meaningful work, Laurie is thrilled to join the 1Life team to help bring this program to fruition!

Shay Wheat - Event Producer
Shay Wheat - Event Producer


Shay Wheat

Event Producer

Shay Wheat helps Speakers, Coaches & Healers who are struggling with running and filling their live events. Shay has successfully produced events that generated over 1/2 Million dollars in just 3 days and constantly works with top Celebrities like Dr. Oz, Martha Stewart and many local Million Dollar earning Speakers. She has produced events as large as 800 attendees, 70+ Speakers on multiple stages, all while managing over 100 volunteers.

Shay has learned the inside secrets to creating ROCKIN’ events…Every-time. Her passion is to help Speakers get their message out to the world in order to make the impact they are called to make.


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