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We crafted a unique community event attended by  750+ multi-generational and motivated “life-seekers” from various socioeconomic conditions, and we empower them to dream, plan, and LIVE a fulfilled life.

We know people like having options. 1Life has created ways for you or your business to make a huge impact! 

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Click on the Dare2Dream Sponsorship option to direct your contribution to our D2D events, or click the DONATE NOW button to immediately make an impact and help 1Life Fully Lived GROW! We are very grateful for your support in whichever form you decide to contribute!!!

Are you ready to help 1Life GROW now?

Dare2Dream Sponsorship

Help 1Life grow so we can make even MORE dreams come true!

Without our Sponsors, we are nothing. We thank you ALL from the bottom of our hearts!!!

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  • MEN 48%
  • WOMEN 52%


  • 4 – 15 Years Old 7%
  • 1 6 – 24 Years Old 9%
  • 25 – 35 Years Old 21%
  • 36 – 50 Years Old 33%
  • 51 – 64 Years Old 24%
  • 65+ Years Old 6%


  • 10 – 20k Per Year 4%
  • 21 – 35k Per Year 9%
  • 36 – 74k Per Year 29%
  • 75k + Per Year 58%


  • Entrepreneurship 26%
  • Financial Freedom 32%
  • Health & Wellness 21%
  • Networking 16%
  • Other 5%
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