1Life’s Webinar on April 8th, 2014

Dr Fred

Why is it some people produce incredible results while others consistently flail? Find YOUR ANSWERS ON THIS INCREDIBLE WEBINAR FEATURING Dr Fred Grosse Ph.D.

Dr Fred unfailingly motivates and galvanizes audiences with his direct, no-nonsense approach, investing each listener with the necessary tools to transform their business and personal lives, their incomes and their relationships with family and clients.

“Dr Fred personally had a massive influence my life and I can honestly say had the biggest influence on me out of the over $150000 I’ve spent on my continuing lifelong learning! Do NOT miss this webinar friends!”
-Tim Rhode 1Life Founder

“Dr Fred Grosse has been one of the 10 most influential mentors, coaches and teachers in my professional life. I am where I am today in part because of what I learned by listening to Dr Fred. Do yourself a favor… listen.”
-David Osborn

“Dr Fred, changed my life forever from the first time I heard him!!!”
He is a master of change for good.”
-Pat Hiban

Listen to the recorded Webinar below:

Three  “take-aways”:

1.   Clarify what I do and do not control

2.   Everything is inside you—past and future

3.   You have 10,000 goals inside you hiding and waiting for you to bring them into consciousness; your job in life is to achieve all the 9/10 goals—the important ones

Three Actions:

1.   Harvest your goals and their implementation plan daily from inside you without looking them up

2.   Plan every day of your life in writing before it starts and note what gets you off your track –mooring lines

3.   Remove all mooring lines and glass ceilings so you live totally without self-defeating limits…by developing new mind habits and beliefs

Every few Months ask yourself: if I were to live for 180 more days and die on the 181st day without illness, what would I do with these 180 days?

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