Our Mission

March to 10 Million

Our mission is to have 10 million people create their best lives possible by taking the My 1Life Roadmap online course.

Our Purpose

Dream it, Plan it, LIVE IT!

1Life Fully Lived wants to create a massively impactful paradigm shift for our society; we want to make it “cool to care about your life”.

Our Why

Living in Apathy

We found too many people are living their lives with widespread apathy – which troubles us greatly! We at 1Life realize how special our lives are and waste no time by intentionally taking action to get the things we need AND desire!

Our How

Dream it, Plan it, LIVE IT!

This is OUR jam… Dream it, Plan it, LIVE IT! We take this philosophy and put it to work in our events (1Life Fully Lived conferences, 1Day Full Lived Experiences), as well as our online courses, the My 1Life Roadmap.



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We appreciate YOU! 

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