Our Organization

In a Few Words…

1Life Fully Lived has organically crafted a standout community event like no other. This is an event that takes place over three days, is attended by over 700 multi-generational and motivated “life-seekers” from various socioeconomic conditions. We empower them to dream, plan, and LIVE their most fulfilling life! We do this two times a year, once in Sacramento, CA and once in Philadelphia, PA. 1Life hosts these events each year with over 1500 attendees combined!

Our Mission

We Stand Up For YOUR Dreams!

It is the mission of 1Life Fully Lived to empower people of all ages to create their best life possible through an inclusive approach that provides holistic support in the areas of life planning and purpose, personal health, relationships, wealth building and investments, entrepreneurship, and mindfulness and spirituality.  

Our Purpose

Dream it, Plan it, LIVE IT!

1Life Fully Lived wants to create a massively impactful paradigm shift for our society; we want to make it “cool to care about your life”. We want all 1Lifer’s to know what their true dreams are, then assist them on their path of achieving those dreams. 1Life wants every member of society to individually achieve complete fulfillment in all areas of life, which over time, have an enormously positive impact on our culture. We all have a dream, and we help you Dream It… Plan It… and LIVE IT!!!

Our Why

Living in Apathy…

We found too many people are living their lives with widespread apathy – which troubles us greatly! We at 1Life realize how special our lives are and waste no time by intentionally taking action to get the things we need AND desire!

Our How

How We Do It…

This is OUR jam… Dream it, Plan it, LIVE IT! We take this philosophy and put it to work in our highly interactive LIVE events (1Life Fully Lived conferences & Dare2Dream events), as well as our online course, the My 1Life Roadmap. The 1Life Facebook community is our virtual home, where 1Lifer’s from all over the globe congregate and share experiences to help each other GROW!



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