Are you ready to “Dream, Plan, and LIVE” your best life? Then be prepared for the most EPIC event of the year!

On June 3rd & 4th, 2017, the 1Life Fully Lived 3rd Annual East Coast Conference is being held in the Downtown Philly, PA. So join us as we take a plunge in the 1Life culture, featuring our emcee and keynote speaker, the award-winning motivational speaker, #1 bestselling author and founder of Front Row Foundation, Jon Vroman!

Together, we will create a weekend you soon will not forget and long will remember as “the conference that gave my life new direction.” So gather up some friends and family and take a weekend to … Dream it… Plan it… LIVE it with the 1Life Community!



In this episode with featured host Matt Aitchison, we will talk about:

  • – Jon’s brief background and what living life in the front row is all about.
  • – How Jon and Tim started building bridges by having a similar mission.
  • – Jon discusses the purpose of the upcoming 1Life Fully Lived’s 3rd annual East Coast conference in Philly.
  • – Some of the greatest transformations that Jon has seen in some of the communities that he has been involved with.
  • – Jon shares how he got into speaking / teaching and how it provides a road map for a lot of people.
  • – Behind the scenes: How Jon enters the world of an audience.
  • – What made Jon become one of the top and successful speakers.
  • – How Jon keeps people in a space of embracing themselves.
  • – Learning how to keep one’s authenticity.
  • – The one thing that Jon loves about the community and how it has impacted his life, and why people should join too.
  • – Plus so much more!



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Jon Vroman

Jon Vroman is an award-winning motivational speaker, #1 bestselling author of The Front Row Factor:  Transform Your Life With The Art of Moment Making, philanthropist, personal coach, ultra-marathon runner, and founder of Front Row Foundation which helps create life-changing experiences for people in need. He has given more than 750 keynote presentations for many companies, organizations, universities, and associations. Jon brings a refreshingly effective and modern motivational edge that genuinely connects with his audience as he ignites their enthusiasm, and challenges their status-quo. Engaging his listeners, igniting their enthusiasm, and challenging their status-quo is Jon’s specialty. He interviews amazing people on the Front Row Factor podcast.

Jon is a husband and father of two amazing boys. When he is not doing that, Jon is a social entrepreneur who helps people live life in the front row.

Matt Aitchison

Matt Aitchison is a fearless entrepreneur, an avid adventurist, and a sports junkie. After graduating from UC Santa Barbara, he has founded and participated in many business ventures within the real estate and construction industries. Matt Co-Founded The Aitchison & Adams Real Estate Team, which has locations in Sacramento and the Bay Area. A&A has risen to be among the top real estate teams in the Northern California region and has sold 320+ units and over $75+ million in sales volume since it’s inception 3 years ago. They were named to Wall Street Journal’s Top 1000 teams in the US, placing them in the top 1% in their county.

Additionally, Matt founded Vault Investment Properties and FIDO Property Services, Inc; an investment group and construction company that has rehabbed, developed, and wholesaled over 50+ properties in 3 years. Fido Property Services, Inc also services residential and commercial construction needs of retail clients throughout the Sacramento and Bay Area region and continues to expand at a rapid pace.

Matt’s foundational business pillars rest on legendary leadership, talented employees, community outreach, and sound systems, which embody the culture of strong, scalable organizations. He is passionate about developing meaningful relationships with those that share in this vision, teaching and speaking, while finding new ways to raise the bar in the spaces he loves to work in.

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