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In this episode, we will talk about:

  • – How Justin achieved his dream to write a bestselling book
  • – The top things to consider when writing a book
  • – The steps / processes when writing a book
  • – Making a mind map
  • – How Justin was able to have his book as a bestseller and surpass the great books
  • – Some of the common mistakes that authors and writers are making when writing a book
  • – The cost and the best ways to find a great editor for your team that is a right fit for your book
  • – How much time and money should an individual expect to write a bestselling book
  • – Justin’s biggest fear
  • – Plus so much more!



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Justin Ledford

Justin O. Ledford has achieved high levels of success in 4 different industries before the age of 30. He is a Hall of Fame salesperson with Millions of dollars in direct sales. He has simultaneously built a marketing organization of over 4,500 people, and a construction company that produces over 1 Million in sales annually. Justin speaks frequently at personal growth seminars sharing his mastery of how to achieve BIG goals while living a dream fulfilled life. Justin and his team have the skills to help people from all walks of life overcome any challenge. Whether a person is looking to make more money, become more balanced, or take their life to next level, his passion is to help others thrive. Alongside his business success, Justin and his wife/business partner, Sara, spend several months each year traveling. They are both advocates of sustainable living and holistic health. Justin lives with his family in Houston, TX.

“Whenever we’re personally growing and we’re developing our self, and whenever we’re contributing to the world, that’s when we feel most fulfilled.”Justin Ledford



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