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Chartered Real Estate Broker

“Every week my three kids and I get together for 2 hours and talk about how we can “have one life fully lived”  We have found that life skills are not taught in school, but decision making, budgeting, saving, and learning about wealth are now part of our “one life fully lived” practices, Thanks to 1Life and their teachings for holding us accountable! 1Life….we love you!”

Rock Thomas, Montreal, Canada


“I attended the 1Life conference in Reno in 2013 and was so inspired I came back and started my own mastermind group in San Diego. 1Life is THE go to place for people wanting to make a better life for themselves AND help take their friends and family with them on their journey.”

Lori Baldwin, San Diego, California

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1Life Conferences

Each fall we have a conference on the West Coast (spring conferences in the East are in the works!) This video was from our 2013 Conference in Reno, Nevada and the focus was providing participants with:

  1. Developing a renewed SENSE OF PURPOSE and COMMITMENT to your life.
  2. Creating a written PLAN OF ACTION with items you can implement immediately.
  3. Finding an accountability partner to ensure your SUCCESS.
  4. Providing MOTIVATION to make it happen.